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Globe & Mail video series, started in 2013. Style Eye is a companion series to TVCITY STREET STYLE, and combines that series’ strong aesthetic approach, with a more journalistic focus on trends and fashion issues


All about TATTOOS


A new super dynamic STYLE EYE video shot at the Toronto International Film Festival. Whip-pans a plenty.


The latest STYLE EYE video for the Globe & Mail, showcasing that summer is all about bright colour and bold print (except for when it’s about all-black).

Style Eye #9

A different style of entry in my series STYLE EYE for the Globe & Mail. Without my usual representative aesthetic, I’ve mixed it up a bit, and included some Edgar Wright-style whip pans.

Style Eye #8

My favourite video for so far for the Globe & Mail. I was really pumped to see people dressed to have fun instead of dressing to not die from punishing cold winds.