I’ve never watched a complete episode of Paula Deen’s television program- from what I remember, it had more ‘personality’ than her utterly generic magazine.


Check out my latest STYLE EYE video for the Globe & Mail- this time it’s about winter fashion.

Street Style #79

Back to the streets, and back to vimeo as my main video embed provider.


Rob Ford is no longer welcome in (downtown) Toronto. There are certain insults in my repertoire that can cause certain people to die from heart attacks.

Street Style #78

Fall fashion, lots of love to UofT and Ryerson campuses.

Doored #10

I performed at DOORED #10 at double-double land. Doored is the most interesting funny comedy show these days, and I’m really grateful to be allowed to perform with a lineup of extremely talented artists and comedians. I’m an artist and comedian, but I’m not an art comedian yet.
My performance is at 2hr4min.

Dan on the Street – 15


Street Style #77

Jumping back and forth. TESS PARKS YOU ROCK.


Tavi Gevinson and Sheila Heti. AND PREMIUM DOUGHNUTS (I did not eat doughnuts- Bill Cunningham wouldn’t approve).

Street Style #76

Filmed at this season’s fashion week. What Bill Cunningham keeps saying in New York is holding true in Toronto also: the men are leading the way when it comes to wearing bold and daring outfits: most of the colour and eclectic prints were on men’s suits. Some of this has to do with the waning interest in Street Style photography; a woman who previously had worn really elaborate outfits and been the darling of the photographers told me she felt a need to tone it down, perhaps amidst criticism of peacocking for street style photographers, who (myself included) are easily distracted by multitudes of colourful and shiny things.

Dan on the Street – 14

I was going to turn this into one part of a Russian nesting doll-style Jafar Panahi-style film where I then have a similar discussion with the woman this guy was hitting on, only it would be a staged dialogue with an actor blah blah it was going to be very navel-gazey. Maybe I’ll make it next summer.

Street Style 75

After this, summer is just a memory.

On the Street – Tshirts of Summer

Bill Cunningham’s first video made on the streets of Toronto!

Street Style 74

Trying to keep the love going into fall.

Street Style #73

Different vibes of the summer.
Filming during the Toronto International Film Festival has been fun. The international film press are often interesting and stylish people, and to the cinephiles and filmmakers of Toronto it’s a special holiday. I only hope that I can be more involved next year.



That’s right- it’s the Toronto International Full-Frontal Fassbinder Film Festival! So I made a video.


Pizza happened to me.


Video shofar or shofar video?

Style Eye #1

My first Street Style video for the Globe & Mail! Thanks to my producer Hannah Sung for helping refine and develop the format going forward. None of these videos would ever be possible without the inspiring example provided by Bill Cunningham at the New York Times (this video is super especially dedicated to Bill Cunningham), and I’m happy to be making videos for a news organization with such high levels of integrity as the Globe & Mail (is it cool for me to refer to it as the Globe?).

While the process of making these videos is very enjoyable and rewarding, making seventy videos in two years has been hard work. If you watch and love this series, then support me by sharing this one. My continued ability to make these is tied to the success of this video and an upcoming one to be filmed during the Toronto International Film Festival.

Street Style #72

In case you didn’t pick up on it- every street style video thus far has existed in the dreamstate of a large dog sleeping on the sidewalk.
Summer’s winding down but let’s pretend it’s still July.