My latest fashion video for the Globe & Mail. Filmed at this season’s fashion week.

Street Style #83

A relaxing view of winter’s death-spiral.

Wild At Heart

When I performed comedy in Brooklyn at Muchmore’s.

Street Style #82


Okay I only filmed for a day. I was wearing a duffel bag as a backpack, with black rubber rain boots on. Probably the worst dressed photographer there. I’m glad I had this experience without the full immersion, as I was repeatedly assured the crowds would be huge on the weekend and I was there on a thursday- with so many other photographers around shooting their subjects at a distance with telephoto lenses, for me to even approach the subject directly would be interfering with others’ work- plus it’s harder to get someone’s attention. Everyone is posing for the cameras, and many of the photographers are very demonstrative in getting their subjects to shift poses. Some of my shots were ruined because the subjects, even when I was the sole ‘photographer’ taking their pictures, would pose to the point of moving out of frame. But it’s important that I leave my approach the same every time, and don’t take too much of the subjects’ time, even if it means discarding the picture. This process allows for a larger amount of diversity in the overall series, and biases the images capturing so that while the outfits must posses certain cinematic qualities, the subject does not have to be traditionally ‘photogenic’. Photogenic is a real thing; there are certain people with a beauty and sense of physical space and their position to the image. Some beautiful people do not look good in photographs and some less attractive people look gorgeous in photographs. The true pose of these videos is that of myself as I pan the camera up, which bemuses/confuses/weirds out the subjects and takes the attention off them and their pose (hopefully).

Street Style #81

My first visit to NYC since age 8 (doesn’t count as a person) and 14 (counts as less of a person).
Bill Cunningham says that men are leading the way in fashion, and in my observations, men’s tailored style has been a huge influence on women’s fashion too. In the case of this video, it could also just be true randomness. Certainly in a snowstorm women aren’t going to ruin their furs. And I was wearing uncomfortable rubber rain boots that ended up wrecking my knees.
I love New York.

Street Style #80

Showing a little love to Hundertwasser at the end.


I was invited to a genitals-themed dinner party.

Werner Herzog: Conquest of the Useless

I will be doing many readings from the REAL diaries of Werner Herzog.
The first: 3 July 1979.


Cooking for Henri Faberge’s OPPORTUNITY CAFE pop-up event. THE PIG HEAD RETURNS.


I’ve never watched a complete episode of Paula Deen’s television program- from what I remember, it had more ‘personality’ than her utterly generic magazine.


Check out my latest STYLE EYE video for the Globe & Mail- this time it’s about winter fashion.

Street Style #79

Back to the streets, and back to vimeo as my main video embed provider.


Rob Ford is no longer welcome in (downtown) Toronto. There are certain insults in my repertoire that can cause certain people to die from heart attacks.

Street Style #78

Fall fashion, lots of love to UofT and Ryerson campuses.

Doored #10

I performed at DOORED #10 at double-double land. Doored is the most interesting funny comedy show these days, and I’m really grateful to be allowed to perform with a lineup of extremely talented artists and comedians. I’m an artist and comedian, but I’m not an art comedian yet.
My performance is at 2hr4min.

Dan on the Street – 15


Street Style #77

Jumping back and forth. TESS PARKS YOU ROCK.


Tavi Gevinson and Sheila Heti. AND PREMIUM DOUGHNUTS (I did not eat doughnuts- Bill Cunningham wouldn’t approve).

Street Style #76

Filmed at this season’s fashion week. What Bill Cunningham keeps saying in New York is holding true in Toronto also: the men are leading the way when it comes to wearing bold and daring outfits: most of the colour and eclectic prints were on men’s suits. Some of this has to do with the waning interest in Street Style photography; a woman who previously had worn really elaborate outfits and been the darling of the photographers told me she felt a need to tone it down, perhaps amidst criticism of peacocking for street style photographers, who (myself included) are easily distracted by multitudes of colourful and shiny things.

Dan on the Street – 14

I was going to turn this into one part of a Russian nesting doll-style Jafar Panahi-style film where I then have a similar discussion with the woman this guy was hitting on, only it would be a staged dialogue with an actor blah blah it was going to be very navel-gazey. Maybe I’ll make it next summer.