Style Eye #6

These people put the hip in hip-hopera.

Style Eye #4

The first of many PROFESSIONAL fashion weeks to come.

Style Eye #3

Owie Bowie Street Style


Street style about street style!

Street Style #100

So there you have it. I made 100 street style videos. Probably more like 116 if you include the Globe & Mail videos but I think those are distinct enough to be their own thing. Thanks to everyone who has let me take their picture. Thanks to everyone who I have taken pictures of from a distance without their knowledge- I’ve tried not to be too creepy about it…I should probably examine that a bit more thoroughly at some point, especially given the last shot of this very video. If you haven’t watched video #99, I suggest you watch it and this one as a double-bill, which adds a full circle element to the Kensington Market footage. Thanks for watching.

Neil LaPierre

Videographed performance for

Flower Print³

Hot girls dancing. Friendship.

Wedding Reel

My wedding documentation services are an elegant and aesthetic view of the moments that make everything so special. email for rates.

Violin Prophet

I’ve been watching Ezra Azmon for years, playing violin and viola in different parts of the city. It was an honour to make this profile.


From the upcoming show I’m Doing This For You by Haley McGee

Style Eye 18

Great style at the Toronto International Film Festival. Celebs pictured include Kate Mara, Daniel Bruhl, Sean Bean, and Chandler Levack

Sage Give And Take As You Need

By Jessica Cimo video by myself

Squeeze Bottle

Companion to Haley McGee’s show ‘I’m Doing This For You’

Street Style 99

It might take cyberBillCunningham himself to prove to existence of CoreCore aka AbFab.
99! I had a plan, and then I gave up on my plan because Toronto summer dictates the flow of events. This fashion runway graffiti maze yoga is everything about TVCITY Street Style encapsulated. It’s so good I want to reshoot it in a more fictionalized or fashiony context and I’m not sure if that would be respectful of the specialness of this event. How many people have walked this maze so completely and deliberately?


From the upcoming show “I’m Doing This For You” by Haley Mcgee

Street Style 98

I continue to see these torso bisecting outfits, with a particular uptick in men wearing t-shirts that segment their torso. I am calling this phenomenon core-core.


I shot some Dan on the Street footage to go with this video piece by the Madeleine Collective


Summah for real.
This might be an early prediction for fashion trend of the summer, but men’s shirts that bisect horizontally have been popping up a lot on the streets.


Fish-based joke battle


Random food happenings from Powerball- the video I SHOULD have made involves bringing takeout containers and smuggling out pieces of octopus.