A new super dynamic STYLE EYE video shot at the Toronto International Film Festival. Whip-pans a plenty.

Street Style #88

Summer was different. If I had a low-light waterproof camera you’d know what I was talking about.


A silent looping installation version of TVCITY STREET STYLE is now playing in an unnamed gallery space at 1384 1/2 Queen St West



The latest STYLE EYE video for the Globe & Mail, showcasing that summer is all about bright colour and bold print (except for when it’s about all-black).

Street Style #87

Sometimes I see things that I can’t film. A man running towards his illegally parked car attached to a tow truck, yelling “I’m going to the Bahamas!”.

Style Eye #9

A different style of entry in my series STYLE EYE for the Globe & Mail. Without my usual representative aesthetic, I’ve mixed it up a bit, and included some Edgar Wright-style whip pans.

Street Style #86

Some amazing ‘real’ spring fashion. Happy Birthday to the stylish and amazing Judith!
At the same time, this and the last few videos have a somewhat slight quality as far as the bookending elements of the videos. The important thing of course is the inspiring fashion shots. But I think I will try to have a bit more to say as far as the other types of shots go starting soon.

Style Eye #8

My favourite video for so far for the Globe & Mail. I was really pumped to see people dressed to have fun instead of dressing to not die from punishing cold winds.

Doored #14

1hr46min12sec My performance at DOORED 14 Apparently I can’t pronounce the word ‘swastika’ correctly.


aka Leviathan 2. An abridged version of this video was shown live, with musical and joke accompaniment as part of DOORED 14

Street Style #85

Long Winter had me a bit mad, and as you can see I’m sentimental for the return of patios.

Food Bomb #8

Doored Dinner! The annual dinner for members of the performance art comedy collective Doored! Jiva MacKay did the cooking.
For more information about Doored including video streams of all previous shows, go to


Fashion week 2014: the dadaDance continues. At first I was a boxer, then I was a kick boxer, now I wield a samurai sword (zoom lens).


My latest fashion video for the Globe & Mail. Filmed at this season’s fashion week.

Street Style #83

A relaxing view of winter’s death-spiral.

Wild At Heart

When I performed comedy in Brooklyn at Muchmore’s.

Street Style #82


Okay I only filmed for a day. I was wearing a duffel bag as a backpack, with black rubber rain boots on. Probably the worst dressed photographer there. I’m glad I had this experience without the full immersion, as I was repeatedly assured the crowds would be huge on the weekend and I was there on a thursday- with so many other photographers around shooting their subjects at a distance with telephoto lenses, for me to even approach the subject directly would be interfering with others’ work- plus it’s harder to get someone’s attention. Everyone is posing for the cameras, and many of the photographers are very demonstrative in getting their subjects to shift poses. Some of my shots were ruined because the subjects, even when I was the sole ‘photographer’ taking their pictures, would pose to the point of moving out of frame. But it’s important that I leave my approach the same every time, and don’t take too much of the subjects’ time, even if it means discarding the picture. This process allows for a larger amount of diversity in the overall series, and biases the images capturing so that while the outfits must posses certain cinematic qualities, the subject does not have to be traditionally ‘photogenic’. Photogenic is a real thing; there are certain people with a beauty and sense of physical space and their position to the image. Some beautiful people do not look good in photographs and some less attractive people look gorgeous in photographs. The true pose of these videos is that of myself as I pan the camera up, which bemuses/confuses/weirds out the subjects and takes the attention off them and their pose (hopefully).

Street Style #81

My first visit to NYC since age 8 (doesn’t count as a person) and 14 (counts as less of a person).
Bill Cunningham says that men are leading the way in fashion, and in my observations, men’s tailored style has been a huge influence on women’s fashion too. In the case of this video, it could also just be true randomness. Certainly in a snowstorm women aren’t going to ruin their furs. And I was wearing uncomfortable rubber rain boots that ended up wrecking my knees.
I love New York.

Street Style #80

Showing a little love to Hundertwasser at the end.


I was invited to a genitals-themed dinner party.