There’s a cuteness and elegance to Toronto Fashion Week and I think this new video captures some of that scene. It felt like the photographer to subject ratio was a bit high, but it was unseasonably cold and few people were hanging out outside.


Post daylight savings time is great for street style- the sun is finally out after work, and the weather is nice enough so that everyone is starting to dress up a bit. The long winter has messed up my bike, so it’s been tough to bike all around the city, which is why the last few videos have been a bit Queen West-heavy. But it’s true that Queen West is where most of the innovative street fashion is happening, and its inclusion on Vogue’s (not hierarchal) list of the world’s most stylish neighbourhoods is probably accurate. Every time the temperature rises a few degrees, there’s an explosion of fashion and it’s really great to see the streets coming back to life.


Impromptu Food Bomb- I can’t even go into a barbecue place without getting offered piles of duck heads!

Street Style 94

I am partnering with Torontoist to publish videos in my TVCITY Street Style series, as well as other videos (coming soon)! It might not look it, but spring has done begun. I bumped into the older gentleman punk whose picture I have asked for probably over 20 times now and he will probably never let me take his picture. But he is as bemused as he is annoyed so I will continue to ask him whenever I see him.

Style Eye 14

Shot at the AGO First Thursdays Basquiat party!

Street Style #93

Blue hair is happening, but yesterday at Yonge & Eglinton I saw some purple hair and purple so easily leads to red and pink.

Style Eye #13

Blue is the Warmest Colour- because it’s a cold winter and blue hair seems to be the thing right now. Lots of burgundy heads, but that’s from hats, often with matching burgundy boots.


First-person trilogy.


Listen to the video- I say I’m a video artist I guess I mean it. The story of the pizza pole is longer than be contained in this video so I might need to revisit it. I have been in my post pizza pole period for over two summers it is my greatest triumph and failure,and its lessons continue to reverberate in my mind.


Susur’s Special Sauce Secrets!
I talked with Chef Susur Lee and tried to get him to reveal some secrets. He didn’t really give up any secrets, but it was a great discussion and herb oils are definitely a really useful thing to have in the kitchen. 2015 I WILL USE MORE HERB OIL.


There’s more potential to lamb heads. More aggressive Middle-Eastern flavours for the next one.

Street Style #92

Barely finished it before the end of the year! There have been so many inspiring and amazing people I filmed in 2014. I still don’t feel like a professional fashion photographer but I feel a bit less weird around fashion week than I used to.

Special Dish #2

My latest food video for the Globe & Mail. DON’T EVER SANDWICH A DUCK BETWEEN OTHER BIRDS. The duck belongs on the outside.

Special Dish #1

I interviewed Chef Susur Lee and had him demonstrate his ‘signature’ dish, the Singaporean Slaw.
I’m excited to have made my first professional food video after many years of making some of the world’s most unprofessional food videos.

Street Style #91

This could be the last Street Style video of the year, and I think many people in the city feel an extra weariness. That weariness for me disappears when I get a chance to film and be inspired by people on the street. The next videos will mark a period of expansion and adjustment, as I look back on this body of work and assess my successes and failures. A key part of this series has been consistency, but I will need to balance this with growth and some experimentation.

style eye #12

Setting the world on fire with fashion week STREET STYLE.

Street Style #90

90 videos in- I still haven’t been able to get this awesome older German punk despite asking him well over a dozen times in the last 3 years. He finds the whole thing amusing, so it’s not like I’m actively bothering him with my persistence, but he is just too cool to participate in something so foolish.

Street Style #89

In fashion news- plaid for dresses and pants is a thing. TRUST ME I SEE IT IT’S HAPPENING. Is it tough for people who wear a lot of plaid, to exist that way? I think that it’s easier to wear several plaid items than two plaids. Those who wear plaid bottoms are creating a more challenging existence for themselves.


Pasta and past.
Containing the most embarrassing footage of me that exists.
Wish I could have filmed my (inflatable) kayak journey over to the island and back, but I was trying not to die.


A new super dynamic STYLE EYE video shot at the Toronto International Film Festival. Whip-pans a plenty.