Ongoing video series, started in 2011. TVCITY STREET STYLE draws inspiration from the street fashion photography of Bill Cunningham and Scott Schuman, the ‘City Symphony’ film genre, and incorporates aesthetic techniques that draw from experimental filmmaking practices

Video Reel

A sample of work



Last video of summer. I completely avoided/missed Toronto International Film Festival this summer…

street style 105

Because Love


Not perfect, but perfect.


It’s a special summer


It’s all about people.


And I guess I’m back, minus any significant changes to the format. The upcoming instagram 60second video option will either lead to a new street style series, or a significant alteration to this format.

I can’t help but be inspired by amazing people walking around.

Street Style #100

So there you have it. I made 100 street style videos. Probably more like 116 if you include the Globe & Mail videos but I think those are distinct enough to be their own thing. Thanks to everyone who has let me take their picture. Thanks to everyone who I have taken pictures of from a distance without their knowledge- I’ve tried not to be too creepy about it…I should probably examine that a bit more thoroughly at some point, especially given the last shot of this very video. If you haven’t watched video #99, I suggest you watch it and this one as a double-bill, which adds a full circle element to the Kensington Market footage. Thanks for watching.

Street Style 99

It might take cyberBillCunningham himself to prove to existence of CoreCore aka AbFab.
99! I had a plan, and then I gave up on my plan because Toronto summer dictates the flow of events. This fashion runway graffiti maze yoga is everything about TVCITY Street Style encapsulated. It’s so good I want to reshoot it in a more fictionalized or fashiony context and I’m not sure if that would be respectful of the specialness of this event. How many people have walked this maze so completely and deliberately?

Street Style 98

I continue to see these torso bisecting outfits, with a particular uptick in men wearing t-shirts that segment their torso. I am calling this phenomenon core-core.


Summah for real.
This might be an early prediction for fashion trend of the summer, but men’s shirts that bisect horizontally have been popping up a lot on the streets.


I thought of making TVCITY STREET STYLE 69 a more sexually themed video, spelling out provocative things by editing together shots of individual words from building signs. As funny as that would have been, I think it’s important to let the amazing creative stylish people set the tone for each video.


Post daylight savings time is great for street style- the sun is finally out after work, and the weather is nice enough so that everyone is starting to dress up a bit. The long winter has messed up my bike, so it’s been tough to bike all around the city, which is why the last few videos have been a bit Queen West-heavy. But it’s true that Queen West is where most of the innovative street fashion is happening, and its inclusion on Vogue’s (not hierarchal) list of the world’s most stylish neighbourhoods is probably accurate. Every time the temperature rises a few degrees, there’s an explosion of fashion and it’s really great to see the streets coming back to life.

Street Style 94

I am partnering with Torontoist to publish videos in my TVCITY Street Style series, as well as other videos (coming soon)! It might not look it, but spring has done begun. I bumped into the older gentleman punk whose picture I have asked for probably over 20 times now and he will probably never let me take his picture. But he is as bemused as he is annoyed so I will continue to ask him whenever I see him.