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Views from the 6ix.
TVCITY is an ongoing series about city life.

Violin Prophet

I’ve been watching Ezra Azmon for years, playing violin and viola in different parts of the city. It was an honour to make this profile.

Michael Jackson Rock Eucharist

TVCITY is part of an effort to take wider cinematic views of city life. For the first episode, I went to the monthly Rock Eucharist service at the Church of the Redeemer- this month featured the music of Michael Jackson.


Rob Ford is no longer welcome in (downtown) Toronto. There are certain insults in my repertoire that can cause certain people to die from heart attacks.


Tavi Gevinson and Sheila Heti. AND PREMIUM DOUGHNUTS (I did not eat doughnuts- Bill Cunningham wouldn’t approve).


Video shofar or shofar video?

Dan on the Street #13

KAWAII PUPPY XOXO. Apparently, I’m totally not bothered by people messing up my shots unless they are messing up a shot of a cute puppy. However, I was more taken aback by someone sitting right in front of me while I was already crouched on the pavement. Filming aside, you shouldn’t block someone’s view of […]

Dan on the Street #12 I haven’t had a laughing fit this bad since I listened to the Will Ferrell commentary on the Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy DVD.

Dan on the Street #11

I just love the great variety of tshirts this summer! If you wear a shirt that says “ex-ninja” be prepared to get killed by ninjas. PSYCHICS WHERE ARE YOU. Resume bending is what allows me to say I was part of ‘cinema management’ because that’s what it said on my name tag.

Dan on the Street #9 CINEMATIC STAREDOWN.

Dan on the Street #3

“which one of us do you like more?” SAY SOMETHING INSPIRING, Batman and Superman.

Dan on the Street #1

DIRECT ENGAGEMENT- I’m trying it out. Have you googled ‘Chinese comedy’ yet?

Hitler Cat

I was rewarded with the appearance of this rare cat Hitler right around the 1-year anniversary of the Street Style series. Should I have attempted to capture or purchase this cat?