Momentary Ultimate Snack Phase

These pork rinds are really enjoyable, quite delicious. The plan is to try crisping some up in the oven, but I also have a high level of appreciation for cold creamy pork fat and meat/skin so it doesn’t really matter. Compared to the normally acceptable snacking foods, the pork rind has distinct benefits. While a potato chip or dorito or crisper or pretzel can lead to a somewhat indefinite period of distracted snacking leading to an insane amount of essentially deathfood being eaten, if I eat too many pork rinds it becomes difficult to eat more: because of a combination of super fatty greasy slippery fingers, and a distinct sense that my heart is crying…both in terms of long-term blood pumping, and of the poetic beautiful yearning and that. The overall greatness and simplicity of the pork rind commands a certain amount of attention and respect.

The best pork rinds are most likely in the South, and U.S. States with distinct and favored recipes or (pray for this) packaged pork rinds that can be sent over to me here in Toronto should really do so. There’s a pork rind craze that is going to hit hard around these parts. If I had a bar I would make them and serve them with beer.