Familiar Lapse of Morality

A major defeat in my personal boycott against tuna, except when in a special tasting menu/dinner party type situation. Politiness-wise…if it’s already cooked, I would even have a bite of whaleloaf, if it was your grandma’s own recipe. But when I asked to substitute mackerel (“the sushi we should all be eating”) for tuna (“for culinary deviant  immoral pederasts”) they done tossed a three dollar substitution right down, even though they’re the same price on the menu.  They played hardball and did not care about my phony allergy claim, and I caved soon after.

Clearly I recognize we all need to be boycotting the bluefin tuna, lest our children and children’s children never know the joys of delicious tuna sashimi.  Our children’s children’s children will be able to constitute tuna from dna and microscopic robots though, and I’m not particularly close to or sympathetic of their crazy future generation.  Perhaps my mistake was just giving up tuna abruptly.  I have to boycott tuna by giving it a delicious sendoff, like a Barbara Streisand final concert special in Las Vegas, but in my belly.